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A collection of 37 Notion templates built into one simple and effective system. Use them to supercharge your small business.

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Wait, you made 37 Notion templates?

Indeed! It took a while. We split them into four sections aligned to their intended use - Public, Company, Management and Personal.

Icon for blog


Use this template to publish a simple blog for your business, preventing the need for an external blogging platform.

Icon for team calendar

Team calendar

Get your team on the same page with a shared company calendar. You can list company events, all-hands meetings, team socials, and much more.

Icon for business goals

Business goals

A template that uses OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) to help set targets for your team. Perfect for creating alignment on what you want your business to achieve.

Icon for projects and tasks

Projects and tasks

A great template to run all your individual projects and tasks. Includes a day tracker and the use of the Eisenhower Matrix.

Icon for meeting tracker

Meeting tracker

Use this template to get better prepared ahead of meetings, take notes during them and track actions after them.

Icon for business model canvas

Business model canvas

The perfect template to lay out your business on a single page. Great for explaining your business model to others, or just looking for areas of improvement.

Icon for announcements


Useful for creating better internal comms, a page of announcements which can be created by different people in your business.

Icon for release notes

Release notes

A simple template to update your customers on new releases. A great early alternative to paid products like and others.

Icon for roadmap


A kanban style board to get on top of your product roadmap. It's the perfect communication tool to make sure everyone understands what you're creating and why.

Icon for physical asset register

Physical asset register

Track all your businesses physical assets, like laptops and phones. This is a great way to not only make sure you're making the most of your hardware but also tracking depreciation.

Icon for updates


This is a simple but useful template to help create RAG style status updates for your stakeholders - perhaps investors, peers or key partners.

Icon for software licence tracker

Software licence tracker

Track the software licences you have for different products all in one place, so you can manage them effectively, track costs, and understand when renewals are going to happen.

Icon for notebook


A basic but handy notebook for making various notes throughout the day. Keeping them here makes it all searchable for the future.

Icon for media kit

Media kit

A great way for sharing media kit fundamentals with press, partners and the public. Contains space for key descriptions, logo's, product screenshots and more.

Icon for PRD's


Linked directly to your product roadmap, this page allows you to write and track Product Requirement Documents for features you're planning to build.

Icon for expenses management

Expenses management

Ahead of getting a full product like Expensify, use this template to track all your teams basic expenses, ensuring you understand costs and remember to reimburse your team.

Icon for employee directory

Employee directory

Simple, but essential. This directory allows you to store key information on your team, everything from job title, to start date, to birthday, and more.

Icon for delivery plan

Delivery plan

Using Notion's timeline feature, this template is for planning out key delivery items for your business, whether that's new product launches, an office move, or your next company social!

Icon for job board

Job board

Use this template to post open jobs in your business, with a custom built page that also allows you to share information about the broader business, its culture and testimonials from the existing team.

Icon for risk register

Risk register

Track your business and/or product risks, with a risk register that includes columns for likelihood, severity and decision - helping you assess and manage the risks.

Icon for recruitment tracker

Recruitment tracker

Tracking job applicants can be a lot of work, especially if you can't afford a tool like Pinpoint. Use this template to do a similar thing, helping you track applications and find the best person for the role.

Icon for vision and mission

Vision and mission

Make sure everyone in your business understands your vision (the change you hope to make in the world) and mission (how you intend to get there).

Icon for onboarding tracker

Onboarding tracker

Great onboarding is vital to make sure new employees enjoy their first few weeks and become immediately useful to the business. Use this tracker template to help them hit the ground running.

Icon for team directory

Team directory

As your team grows this template becomes the perfect place to make sure everyone knows everyone else in the business.

Icon for help center

Help center

If you're not using a paid support tool then you may not have a public help center. This template is the perfect way to help your customers with sections for guides, FAQ's and a searchable question bank.

Icon for culture canvas

Culture canvas

Building a strong culture in your business is as vital as it is difficult. Making a culture canvas and sharing it with your team is the perfect way to tackle that challenge.

Icon for leave tracker

Leave tracker

If you're yet to get a paid tool like Timetastic for managing leave then this template will help you document, track and approve holiday requests for your team.

Icon for CRM


Use this Customer Relationship Management template to track your personal network of colleagues, document interactions and build relationships.

Icon for time tracker

Time tracker

If your business tackles projects for clients that require you to track time spent, and you're yet to get a paid tool, this template is the perfect starting point.

Icon for library


Knowledge sharing is vital in small businesses, and this template helps by providing a virtual library for your team to share PDF's of things they've read that they think others would find useful.

Icon for FAQ's


An internal Frequently Asked Questions page to help share useful information with your team. Perfect for new starters especially.

Icon for glossary


Acronyms confusing people in your team? Use this handy glossary template to keep everyone on the same page.

Icon for policy handbook

Policy handbook

Writing company policies won't be the most enjoyable thing you do when running a business, but if you're going to write them then it's important they're easily accessible. This template helps you do that, and also to keep them tidy and version controlled.

Icon for content planner

Content planner

Most businesses these days are sharing content across multiple different social media and other channels, which can be tiresome to manage when you're busy. Use this simple template to run a calendar of things you're going to publish and help track progress.

Icon for training requests

Training requests

If you allocate a specific training budget per year to your team then you need a way to track what it's being spent on and decide what gets approved. This template helps you do exactly that.

Icon for descriptions


Using Notion's synced blocks functionality this template allows you to keep key descriptions (e.g. your business name, one paragraph overview, values, benefits, and more) up to date and consistent across your other pages.

Icon for brand assets

Brand assets

This is a great template to store all your internal brand assets, making sure your team always use the latest and correct logo, font, product screenshot or office photo whenever they need it.

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And more!

When you purchase the template pack you get lifetime access, so when templates are updated or new ones added you'll magically get them for free.


Woah, that's a lot of templates!

It sure is, and look how easy it is to get going with them - just a few simple steps to follow.

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Step 1

Purchase the template pack

Simply click the 'Purchase' button below and follow the instructions. We use Gumroad for purchases and it should only take a couple of minutes.

Step 2

Duplicate it into your workspace

After completing the purchase you'll be sent a link to the template pack. Click 'Duplicate' in the top right corner to add it to your Notion Workspace.

Step 3

Add your content

There's a full example version for a pretend company called 'Woof' that you can start with if you want, but also a completely empty set to use if you'd prefer that.

Step 4

Supercharge your business

With a LOT of time saved (it took us over 30 hours to build, refine and test all the templates) you'll be ready to start supercharging your business!


Cool, and what do they look like?

Minimal, clean and super easy to use. When you purchase the pack you also get a full example version made for a fictional company called 'Woof' (they make a dog walking app!) so you can see them in action.

Screengrab of Notion template

The Company page for 'Woof'.

Screengrab of Notion template

An example culture canvas built for 'Woof' using the template.

Screengrab of Notion template

A brand assets template with multiple sections.

Screengrab of Notion template

The projects and tasks board that sits in the Personal section.

Screengrab of Notion template

The business goals template which uses OKR's for its structure.

Screengrab of Notion template

An example empty template with no branding and ready for you to use.


They look great! I think I'm ready to supercharge my business with Notion.

Splendid, we hope you find them useful.

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We're big fans, but in no way affiliated with Notion.